Beretta M9 SD
Beretta M9 SD
Magazine Size 15
Ammo Type(s) 9x19mm Parabellum SD
Magazine Type(s) M9 SD Mag.
Damage 1560.4 Blood
Fire Modes Semi-Automatic
Effective Range >50 m
Rate of Fire 600 rpm (based on 0.1 seconds between shots)
Penetration 0.4
Muzzle Velocity 320 m/s
100% Damage 320 m/s
Air Friction -0.001312
Accuracy 0.0011
Weapon Dexterity 2
Tracer? N/A
Recoil [old_9x19_PistolRecoil
Noise Stats:
  • Rel. Volume - 1
  • Fade Dist. - 50 m
Zeroing N/A
Location(s) Found here:
Attachments Suppressor (detachable)
Alternate version(s) Beretta M9

This is the suppressed version of the Beretta M9. You can detach the suppressor to turn it back into one.


There is no real reason to use this, because the Stechkin APS SD and Glock 17 SD exist. The sights are subpar and the magazine is smaller than any alternative large-magazine sidearm.

The Glock 17 SD is for when you want a gun with excellent sights and ammo that is sorta difficult to find. It can use M9 SD magazines to supplement it's own rare magazines.

The Stechkin APS SD is when you want a machine pistol to deal with someone sneaking up on you, while you have a long-range weapon out. It also is incredibly handy against zombies. Rarely, will you ever have to go through 20 rounds against zombies.

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