V1.0.1 (9-03-13) Edit

  • Bugfixes
    • M4 models now have recoil and sound again.
    • M16 burst mode now has proper sound effects again.
    • Thrown bottles and cans no longer sound like they are exploding.
    • Bug with tent/vehicle saving fixed
    • Bug with zombie handoff fixed
    • Bullet-proof trees fixed on Podagorsk
    • Hollow rock wall fixed on Podagorsk
  • New features
    • Item slots for vehicles/tent are now displayed

V1.0 (8-30-13) Edit

  • [FIXED/NEW] General Zombie AI Fixes
    • Zombies are now properly controlled by close clients only.
    • Zombies will not excessively lag due to control client being too far away.
    • Zombies pathing has been slightly improved.
  • [NEW] Weapon Attachment System
    • You can now attach modifications to guns that have the approperiate rails/spot for it
    • NATO Attachments: M68 CCO Scope, HWS (HOLO) Scope, M150 ACOG Scope, M203-40 Grenade Launcher
    • EAST Attachments: KOBRA RDS, PSO-1M2 Optics, GP-25 Kostyor Grenade Launcher
    • UNSPECIFIC Attachments: Marksman Scope, Suppressor
    • All attachments are found in either NATO or EAST kit pouches
  • [NEW] Full Podagorsk Release
    • Customized Podagorsk island
    • Fully wartorn map with NATO/EAST camps
    • Minor and major fixes (see below)
  • [NEW] UI Updates
    • UI is now fully white apart from food/drink icons.
    • UI will no longer blend into nature and remain more visible.
    • Icon size has been reduced from 64x64 to 32x32 to not be as intrusive.
    • New UI Screenshot: [1]
  • [UPDATED] Car spawns should now be more dynamic
  • [UPDATED] Lights can now be properly shot and turned off

Podagorsk Specific Edit

  • [NEW] Car wrecks
    • Specific car wrecks can now be looted
    • Doors, trunk and hood can be opened
    • Open cardoors give minor bullet protection
  • [NEW] Additional Vehicles
    • HMMWV M240 added (nerfed, equivalent to regular HMMWV)
  • [NEW] Road to Airfield
    • Along the road to the airfield is a huge bunker checkpoint complex.
    • The new complex is easily defendable, be cautious - scout ahead.
  • [NEW] Bridge to Sona
    • Sona Island can now be accessed through a small wooden bridge.
    • The bridge has sunken into the water in some places.
    • On this bridge you are 100% exposed - be cautious.
  • [NEW] Airfield
    • The airfield now has slightly more NATO high-tier loot.
    • Added 2 crashed C130 and 1 more NATO barracks.
    • The distance between all spots is equivalent to 6 runs up and down the NWAF on Chernarus.
  • [NEW] Small NATO outpost in Sona Island Castle
    • Sona Island now has a minor NATO camp inside the castle.
    • Protvino has had it's NATO camp reduced in size and loot due to it's close proximity to Sona.
  • [FIXED] Spawning
    • Spawning now only occurs north of the river.
    • It is now easier to orientate where you spawn.
  • [FIXED] Barns entrances
    • Several barns were too high up in the air and caused instant death upon entering.
    • These barns now have debris leading up to the entrance without the need to vault in.
  • [FIXED] Firestation in Kovrov
    • The firestation in Kovrov has been relocated to Kirsanov.
    • It is now impossible to go under and inside the firestation, thus remaining hidden.
  • [FIXED] Commercial concrete slabs
    • It is now impossible to enter the concrete slabs, thus remaining hidden.
  • [FIXED] Castles
    • Castles can now be safely entered without falling to your death.

V0.9.9.8 Edit

  • Pending changelog

V0.9.9.7 (8-19-2013) Edit

  • [FIXED] Lightposts added in and now shine ambient light as intended.
  • [FIXED] Coughing sound from excessive sprint is now removed completely.
  • [IMPROVED] Fixed some textures on the wrecks
  • [NEW] Completely new skybox (highres textures)
  • [NEW] Somewhat lighter nights without the need for all-the-time moonlighting
  • [NEW] Barracks loot is now revised, Podagorsk does NOT have the same loot-table as Chernarus
  • [NEW] Marker Lights (red warning lights) are now turned ON on tall buildings and towers
  • [FIXED] UI should now scale correctly on most used dekstop sizes (1280x720 / 1680 x 1050 / 1920x1080)

V0.9.9.6 (8-5-2013) Edit

  • [NEW] Construction building next to Berezino Military Camp/NATO Outpost.
  • [NEW] Zelenogorsk now accomodates an occupied hospital and NATO Outpost.
  • [NEW] New barracks at ATC Tower at Northwest Airfield (ATC Barracks).
  • [UPDATED] Wrecks do no longer look like they've rusted for 50 years.
  • [UPDATED] Berezino Military Camp (now NATO Outpost).
  • [NEW] Two new minor military camps at Northwest Airfield (5 mid-tier military tents).
  • [NEW] Small base (2 military tents) added to Elektrozavodsk
  • [NEW] Northwest Airfield now has an extra industry building with direct vision on common camper spots like Firestation roof.
  • [UPDATED] South Barracks at Northwest Airfield has been revised.
  • [UPDATED] North Barracks at Northwest Airfield has been revised.
  • [UPDATED] reseeded Elektro completely to get rid of shit in the middle of the road that made no sense.
  • [FIXED] Entrance to ATC is no longer blocked by debris .
  • [FIXED] Northwest Airfield is once again the King of Chernarus

V0.9.9.5 (7-23-2013) Edit

Sight and Sound

  • [NEW] Hospital now has an interior
  • [NEW] Military office now has an interior
  • [NEW] Stary Sobor reworked completely
  • [NEW] Krasnostav and Northeast Airfield reworked completely
  • [NEW] Chernogorsk reworked completely
  • [NEW] Green mountain reworked completely
  • [NEW] Balota Airfield reworked completely
  • [NEW] Environmental sounds
  • [NEW] Player movement sounds
  • [NEW] USMC zombie added
  • [NEW] Death screen artwork
  • [NEW] Debug monitor replaced
  • [FIXED] Conifer trees blocking bullets and zombie attacks
  • [CHANGED] Health now shows in a percentage value rather than in "millipints"

General Updates

  • [NEW] Loot positions for all the DayZero buidlings
  • [FIXED] 50+ minor bugs; too many to list here.
  • [FIXED] Bug where you could not log off with broken bone fixed
  • [FIXED] PKM no longer destroys backpacks
  • [CHANGED] Loot and player cleanup routine rewritten
  • [CHANGED] Unconsciousness routine rewritten
  • [CHANGED] Overhauled player damage handler
  • [CHANGED] Zombie willingness to chase decreased
  • [CHANGED] NATO crash sites no longer spawn eastern soldier zombies
  • [CHANGED] Barracks no longer spawn eastern soldier zombies
  • [CHANGED] Updated splash screen graphics

Weapon Updates

  • [NEW] Weapon: M14 DMR (a variant of the M21)
  • [NEW] PKP may now spawn at the NEW Russian crash sites
  • [NEW] Visual models for M203 and GP-25 40mm grenades (no more satchel bags!)
  • [NEW] Battle rifle recoil (G3A3 and L1A1 SLR) added to the M14 and it's cousins (M21)
  • [NEW] Battle rifle recoil (G3A3 and L1A1 SLR) added to the Winchester
  • [NEW] You can now zero the M14 and G3A3 iron sights
  • [NEW] Two new types of recoil for shotguns; older shotguns will have more kick
  • [NEW] L1A1 SLR magazine visuals
  • [NEW] Icon for AK-74 magazines to match the actual model
  • [FIXED] Naming errors with clip/magazines
  • [FIXED] L115A2 now uses the correct icon
  • [FIXED] G3A3 will no longer have it's iron sights obstructed by the ghillie suit
  • [REMOVED] Split and recombine option for shotgun shells
  • [CHANGED] L1A1 name to L1A1 SLR, along with it's magazine
  • [CHANGED] 545x39, 545x39 SD and 556x45 SD damage increased to 3042 from 2722 blood per hit
  • [CHANGED] Weapon damage of pistols and SMGs to make them more viable

Damage Changes

  • 5.45x39, 5.45x39 SD, and 5.56x45 SD changed from 7 (2722) to 7.4 (3042)
  • 9x18 and 9x18 SD changed from 4 (889) to 5 (1389)
  • 9x19 and 9x19 SD changed from 4.5 (1125) to 5.3 (1560)
  • .45 ACP and .45 ACP SD changed from 5 (1389) to 5.85 (1901)
  • .32 ACP changed from 4.5 (1125) to 5 (1389)
  • 7.62x25 Tokarev changed from 6 (2000) to 6.25 (2170)
  • .22 LR SD changed from 4 (889) to 5 (1389)

V0.9.9.4 (6-19-2013) Edit

  • [NEW] Added a couple (of hundred) new faces.
  • [NEW] Added more loot spawn points in our "new" buildings.
  • [NEW] Added new weapons, SKS rifle, L1A1 rifle, L9A1 pistol.
  • [CHANGED] All clothing are now based upon the same base armor value, with "armored" skins having slightly higher values.
  • [CHANGED] Lowered chance that helicopter crashes will spawn medical boxes by 25-50% (depending on chopper crash type)
  • [CHANGED] Humanity is removed from the debug monitor. You now gain/lose humanity directly after a kill.
  • [CHANGED] Humanity gained from blood bagging lowered. This is a band-aid, humanity gain/loss will be rewritten in the next patch.
  • [CHANGED] You lose more humanity killing someone who is unarmed.
  • [CHANGED] Hind does less damage and has more spread. (I still recommend running the fuck away)
  • [CHANGED] Updated loot spawn points to match the ones in DayZ 1.7.7
  • [CHANGED] Castle towers now spawn military-grade loot.
  • [CHANGED] Tweaking the zombie spawn and loot spawn routine.
  • [FIXED] Fixes to some ACOG scopes.
  • [FIXED] Fixed the BAF grenade launcher.
  • [FIXED] Fixed a bug related to the G36.
  • [FIXED] Dead bodies should always list some kind of cause of death now.
  • [FIXED] Fixed some bugs related to the Chinook. (Wiki Note: Mainly the fact that you could outrun them on foot!)
  • [REMOVED] Removed barbed wire, due to graphical glitches.
  • [REMOVED] MP scoreboard removed from death screen. (Don't worry, we're working on a new leaderboard that won't have "all time" stats, but today/this week instead..)
  • [REMOVED] Disabled "convert ammo" option for now. Will be readded later.

V0.9.9.3 (6-12-2013) Edit

  • [FIXED] Fixes map crash issue.

V0.9.9.2 Edit

  • Helicrashes revamped. Won't spawn during the start of the game anymore.
  • New helicrash loot tables - American/German/British/Russian Old/Russian Modern
  • Cleaned ArmA 2 clutter on map interface
  • Team selection interface simplified
  • New loot spawn routine, hopefully faster!
  • A bugged GRU skin has been replaced
  • New USMC zombie pilot skin, by GenesisCrys!
  • Minor bugfixes & changes
  • Streaming / No Chat plugin: [2]

V0.9.9.1 Edit

  • Fixed an issue with FSB skins that somehow had the default ArmA 2 medical system activated.
  • Fixed GPS/Map coordinate system
  • You can no longer cycle loot in military tents by relogging (For example, Stary Sobor)
  • Slight network improvements (Related to fixing loot cycling...)
  • Fixed a bug in the church loot table
  • Updated "red house" model, which hopefully solves shadow issues some people were noticing.

V0.9.9.0 Edit

  • New enterable buildings throughout Chernarus
  • New skins have been added
  • New weapons!
  • Firestations and guardhouses now have their own loot class, and are no longer residential.
  • You can now find Bibles on zombie priests and in churches.
  • You can now use Bibles to make campfires.
  • Changed how zombies cause bleeding! It's now random instead of damage-based.
  • Performance optimizations!

V0.9.8.5 Edit

  • Fixed "CfgMagazine" popup error.
  • Over 100 scripting fixes and optimizations
  • Zombie spawn tweaking
  • 'Feature preparation'

V0.9.8.4 Hotfix Edit

  • HOTFIX for broken zombies!

V0.9.8.3 Edit

  • You can now force-save vehicles and tents again! (Should help against "drifting")
  • BTR-40 maximum speed has been lowered from 90 to 45, in order to make it more vulnerable.
  • Winchester 1866 damage has been lowered from 9 to 8.
  • AK-74 SD damage lowered from 8 to 7 (It used to do more damage than regular ammo)
  • Lee-Enfield damage has been lowered from 11 to 10.
  • Two new zombie faces have been added. Also, a bug that prevented the two zombie faces added in from working properly has been resolved. So, basically 4 new faces for zombies.
  • Bug that caused the "relog to change clothes" message to not show up has been fixed
  • Civilian boats have had their base speed increased, to make them more useful.
  • FN FAL has been replaced with the G3A3 in the loot tables.
  • P90 and P90 SD added to Barracks loot tables.
  • Groza 7 and Groza 7 SD added to Military loot tables.
  • Medical supply boxes split from 1 to 5 (One each for bandages/bloodbags/morphine/painkillers/epipens.
  • Food supply box added. Can spawn at helicrashes with MREs inside.
  • Bug in zombie targeting system that caused unnecessary network spam has been fixed.
  • Zombie spawning slightly tweaked/optimized.
  • The max amount of time you could bleed for has been decreased from 10 to 5 minutes.
  • Some network code optimizations to decrease spam.
  • Removed dog food/drink indicators.
  • Crossbows should now spawn with wooden bolts instead of steel bolts.
  • Trash / Generic loot overhaul, less toiletpaper and razors now.
  • Updated some dayz_communityassets files to their latest versions.
  • Slight tweaks of DayZero loading screen and main menu logo.

V0.9.8.2 Edit

  • All-new awesome-looking zombie skins! (Created by GenesisCrys and TOPMO3!)
  • Overhaul of every new weapon added! Hundreds of fixes and tweaks by Alpha155!
  • MP5 and MP5 SD have both been updated with new models and sounds!
  • P90 and P90 SD added to chopper crash sites!
  • The amount of zombies that can spawn near certain large buildings has been nerfed.
  • Some network code optimizations.
  • You can now abort if you spawn in the debug plains due to bugs.
  • You can no longer "respawn" if you spawn in the debug plains due to bugs.

V0.9.8.1 Edit

  • Zombie hearing has been nerfed. (Do note that running on roads is still a bad idea...)
  • 10% buff to zombie hearing when it comes to gunfire. Might still be less than before.
  • MH-6J fixed, so you can now sit on the sides again.
  • New vehicles added..!
  • Zombie spawning changed. Before it checked for dead zombies near you, now it checks for dead zombies near where they're actually supposed to spawn.
  • 10~ bugs fixed, but none were "gamebreaking".

V0.9.8.0 Edit

  • Almost every weapon replaced!

V0.9.7.0 Edit

  • Zombie "sight" nerfed.
  • Zombie spawning overhauled.
  • Smoke grenades attract zombies better now.
  • Less zombies at crash sites.
  • Lowered zombie chase interest by 30%.

V0.9.6.8 (3-5-2013) Edit

  • Logoff timer fully implemented. You cannot log off near another player (5m) or zombie (25m). There is a 30 second countdown until the abort button becomes available. If you wait for the cooldown to finish, you'll get removed from gameplay directly. If you crash/alt+F4 - old rules apply, your body will stay in-game for 30 seconds.
  • UI updates. New Male/Female selection images.
  • UI updates. Removed some unused buttons.
  • Zombies are harder to lose. Be careful!
  • Server-client interaction code overhaul

V0.9.6.6 (2-26-2013) Edit

  • Performance bugfix.

V0.9.6.5 Edit

  • Finished zombie targeting rewrite.
  • Abort timer implemented.

V0.9.6.4 Edit

  • Vehicle repair bugfix.
  • Zombie target subsystem refactor.

V0.9.6.3 Edit

  • Fixed version number + mountain bike.

V0.9.6.2 Edit

  • Improved zombie targeting system to lower bandwidth usage.
  • Improved the sound transmission system to lower bandwidth usage.
  • Revamped/Fixed vehicle repairing. (Yeey?)
  • Revamped/Fixed gutting animals.
  • Fixed saving stuff in new tents.
  • Fixed some loot that wasn't spawning in barracks.
  • New SUV (White)
  • GAZ minibusses fixed so we can start placing them ingame!
  • Glider radar removed, and two new colours. Still somewhat weird...
  • Minor bugfixes

V0.9.6.0 Edit

  • Bandits, Survivors and Heroes will have unique variations in camo/ghille/soldier uniforms. (New skins!)
  • New vehicles!
  • From DayZ-Redux: Vehicle inspection screen.
  • From DayZ 1.7.5: Different types of raw food from the different kinds of animals in Chernarus.
  • New ground textures by zyco!
  • New Woodland camo backpack in barracks. ALICE also spawns in residential.
  • Changed to backpack pickup to prevent duping (DayZ-Redux)
  • Major code overhaul (almost finished)!
  • Logging while hunted by zombies = you die!
  • Vehicle spawns are now random.

V0.9.5.0 Edit

  • 'Vehicle despawn' fixed!
  • 10-15% less network traffic = less desync!
  • AT4 (M136) really should work now!
  • DMR + M14 removed from barracks spawn (Only from chopper crashes now)
  • New backpacks (From DayZ 1.7.5, more info here!)
  • Vehicle system overhaul (Will need feedback on how they work now!)
  • Zombie aggro improvement. They hear better now!
  • Major cover overhaul started. Will continue in future releases.

V0.9.4.0 Internal Release Edit

  • 'Stutter lag' fixed!

V0.9.3.0 Internal Release Edit

  • Several bugs that enabled easy item duping have been fixed.
  • Relogging for blood fixed. Won't work anymore!
  • Fix for being unable to claim a kill.
  • After death, you're unable to abort until scripts have finished. (Prevents body disappearing)
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