In alphabetical order, the guys who makes all of this (DayZero Mod) possible:

  • Alpha155, for the crazy amount of work he's put in for this patch. You should be eternally thankful to him for his work on the weapons for DayZero!

AWOL, for new loot spots for all the DayZero unique buildings.

  • Ron Swanson, for writing our whitelister, the first DayZero Launcher and for working on the next one!
  • Cory, for the new IV stands and windowblinds in the hospital.
  • Deetee, for building us THREE different websites, and still coming back for more!
  • Entity, for his godlike python skills and making my life SO much easier.
  • gn1p, for replacing the debug monitor with something better and rewriting the weather system! (soon, TM)
  • Illformed, for going beyond the call of duty and staying up to 4:30AM to help me finish and being there when I need to vent or need advice or help. Not to mention all the work on the website and infrastructure!
  • Mulleboy, for the DayZero Podagorsk trailer, the DayZero and ZOMBIES.NU artwork, new signs and HESCO bags and the reworked cities in Chernarus and Podagorsk! And of course, for getting out of bed at 4:30AM to help keep me awake to finish!
  • Peep, for helping DayZero grow overseas!
  • Sequisha, for the work on a factory conversion. (Will be in .6)
  • XAM, for the DayZero loot map and helping with the new leaderboards.
  • Zac, for the awesome buildings he's made for DayZero! Adding interior to a building like this is crazy hard, and there's been much swearing to get where we are today.

And of course, Nahkiss, NuclearAdmiral, Rogorugu, Quile, BobJylland, Enzura, Ohrstrom, Teskuz and Vien for helping keep this ship afloat and the engines running!

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