Makarov PM SD
Makarov PM SD
Magazine Size 8
Ammo Type(s) 9x18mm Makarov SD
Magazine Type(s) Makarov SD Mag.
Damage 1388.8 Blood
Fire Modes Semi-Automatic
Effective Range >50 m
Rate of Fire 600 rpm (based on 0.1 seconds between shots)
Penetration 0.4
Muzzle Velocity 320 m/s
100% Damage 320 m/s
Air Friction -0.001893
Accuracy 0.02
Weapon Dexterity 2
Tracer? N/A
Recoil [old_9x18_PistolRecoil
Noise Stats:
  • Rel. Volume - 1
  • Fade Dist. - 50 m
Zeroing N/A
Location(s) Found here:
Attachments Suppressor (detachable)
Alternate version(s) Makarov PM

The Makarov PM SD is a standard-capacity, suppressed semi-automatic pistol. It uses 9x18mm Makarov SD.


This is the most common suppressed weapon in the game.

It is incredibly useful for shooting zombies as it is an easy to obtain suppressed weapon.

Strangely, this version of the gun does not have anywhere near as much a drop in muzzle velocity. In fact, the PPK has a greater linear loss than it.

The sights are simply average and are nothing to write about.

You should switch to the Stechkin APS SD at the first opportunity as it can use Makarov SD magazines and its own 20-round magazines. The APS SD also can be switched to full-auto mode.

You can detach a suppressor to it to turn it into a regular Makarov PM.

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