Map (Chernarus)
Stacks of 1
Inventory slots

1 Tool slot

Use to

Navigate Chernarus

You also need


Duration N/A
Location(s) Found here:
Rarity Varies depending on location

Compass, How to find North

A browser-based map is available! Click here.

A map of Chernarus can be found as Loot in-game which then can be accessed using the M key by default. Maps in DayZero are no longer as sought after, due to the ability to range-find with them being removed. (Unless you have a handheld or vehicle-mounted GPS) They don't use up usual Inventory slots, but go into the tool slots below the sidearm slots. However, they use 1 inventory slot when stored in the backpack.

See the list of Towns and Cities (with Russian city names)

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