DayZero servers can be connected to a central database called a hive, which allows your player to persist from one server to the next although vehicles and tents remain on the server where discovered. Every couple of servers has its own hive in DayZero, right now.

There is currently no public access to the server files for DayZero. The only gaming communities with servers are BMRF and

Server Naming ConventionEdit

Current naming format:

Gaming Community Name - LOCATION (DayZero Map Version/ArmA II OA Beta Patch Version) [Time Zone OR 24/7 Day] [3DP:ON/OFF] - Gaming Community URL


  • The location is a two-character country code. (US, DE, UK, SE, etc, See: Country Codes
  • DayZero is the mod's name.
  • Map tells you which map it's on. (Example: Chernarus or Podagorsk)
  • The version and beta indicate the necessary DayZero version and ArmA II OA beta version. (See: ArmA II OA Beta Patches)
    • 3DP:on = thirdperson on
    • 3DP:off = thirdperson off
  • The time zone determines if it is day or night at the server at the time.
  • Trailing information indicates the gaming community administrating the server.


Server ListEdit


Hive 1 Standard
Hive 2 Hardcore
Hive 3 Standard
Hive 4 Standard
Hive 5 Permaday
Hive 6 Standard
Hive 7 Hardcore
Hive 8 Permaday
Hive 9 Standard
Hive 10 Permaday
Hive 11 Hardcore
Hive 12 Standard
Hive 13 Standard
Hive 14 Permadawn
Hive 15 Permadusk
AU Hive 1 Permaday
AU Hive 2 Hardcore
AU Hive 3 Standard
AU Hive 4 Standard


Chernarus - Germany
Podagorsk - Germany
SE Hive 1
SE Hive 2
SE Hive 3
SE Hive 4
SE Hive 5
SE Hive 7
SE Hive 8
SE Hive 9
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