Stechkin APS
Stechkin APS
Magazine Size 8 / 20
Ammo Type(s) 9x18mm Makarov
Magazine Type(s) Makarov Mag. / APS Mag.
Damage 1388.8 Blood
Fire Modes Semi-Automatic / Full Auto
Effective Range 50 m
Rate of Fire 750 rpm (based on 0.08 seconds between shots)
Penetration 0.4
Muzzle Velocity 398 m/s
100% Damage 398 m/s
Air Friction -0.002751
Accuracy Semi-Automatic:

Full Auto:

Weapon Dexterity 2
Tracer? N/A
Recoil old_9x18_PistolRecoil
Noise Stats:
  • Rel. Volume - 0.794328
  • Fade Dist. - 700 m
Zeroing N/A
Location(s) Found here:
Attachments Suppressor (attachable)
Alternate version(s) Stechkin APS SD

The Stechkin APS is a machine pistol. It is one of the more common sidearms in the game. It is not based on the Makarov PM. It uses 9x18mm Makarov.


This machine pistol can be fired in full auto mode. It does not fire nearly as fast as the Beretta M93R. It is usually more preferable, however, because its ammo is much more plentiful. This is especially true if you use your sidearm to kill zombies.

It takes about half a magazine to kill someone, but the recoil of full auto mode should result in a headshot if you center on the torso.

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